Province of the Dead
Province of the Dead
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Dimensions:6 × 9 in
Prices:$ 14.99
 $ 4.99
Post-Apocalyptic / Zombies


A June day like any other in Provence, southern France. Having injured his ankle, Patrick – a local, mysanthropic, aging farmer – only wants one thing: to recover as quickly as possible so he can get back to his monotonous life and hard work.
But the world turns to horror when motorists, stuck in a traffic jam not far from his home, suddenly transform into lunatics thirsty for blood... for human blood. If he is to survive, Patrick must deal not only with the demons literally knocking at his door but also with the more devious ones assailing him internally.
Could this darn kid he just saved from the monsters roaming around outside bring him – the old, lone wolf – back to the world of the living?


For the author, zombies are the ideal pretext to address a powerful subject: to what extreme would mankind resolve to resort to survive when facing the apocalypse? In his first novel, Paul Clément offers his readers a chance to meet an unlikely and touching duo on a realistic, heartbreaking and cruel adventure in french zombie land.

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